The Hologram and Its Benefits on Various Sectors

The hologram is a photography technology that records the light of an object and then displays it in the 3D form. The picture can be seen up to 360 degrees and moved with sound and animation. The features are functioned to deliver information whether real-time or not. This cool technology is developed mainly to help people in the process of communication.

There are some sectors that are considered needing the hologram of holographic technology the most. Well, it is although sooner or later, even common people can use it also. What are those sectors and details of hologram utilization? Check them out.

Military Mapping

Smart-geography is one of the most important points in the military strategy. Meanwhile, the holographic elements with full-dimensions are necessary for this particularly in terms of spying. There is an anonymous American company that sends more than 13,000 holographic maps for the US army. Sure, they can watch the field in 3D and help them to do their mission.

The Hologram
The Hologram

Learning Media in Schools and Institutions

Hologram technology is also important in the education world. it is basically functioned as the learning media just like what the LED screen can do now. It is much easier for teachers to explain the materials. Meanwhile, students are also considered being able to absorb knowledge more easily. The technology is also expected to motivate students more and let them be more active in the classroom.

A More Sophisticated X-Ray and MRI

Sure, hologram is also really needed in the health and medical world. It is mainly if the doctor needs to explain the conditions of patients more clearly. Currently, there are X-ray and MRI that can display the picture of patients’ inner organs. When it can be displayed in 3D, sure, diagnosing can be much easier to do. Nowadays, some companies have used such a product to create a holographic picture of the human brain, liver, lungs, and more. Unfortunately, it has not yet been used fully in the medical world.

The Hologram
The Hologram

Engineering Purposes

The hologram picture has some particular characteristics. One of them is that it is really sensitive toward vibration. That’s why; this technology is really necessary as an indicator alternative in the tremor detection tool. Meanwhile, the interferometer is the analysis of vibration, stress, and strain that use the changes of light interference in hologram. This is really important and recommended in engineering. The detector is getting more precise using the principle mentioned above.

Predictions of 5G implementations in Our Daily Life

According to MIT Technology Review, 5G is the paradigm shift of technology just like people replace their typing machines with computers. The statement is not exaggerating. There are significant differences between the 4G and 5G implementations networks. The effect is not only about the process that is getting faster.

5G is a technology that is completely different. It utilizes the new radio frequency as well as the length of the wave that is getting shorter. The implementations of 5G can be more widely used in our daily life. Here are some of them.

3D Utilization

One of the implementations of 5G can be simply seen in 3D technology. Have you ever thought of presenting your jobs and tasks on the 3D or hologram screen? Sure, the materials are getting livelier and more understandable. The hologram picture or video is known to be better in creating an illustration to explain how a thing or product can work.

3D Utilization
3D Utilization

Enhanced Video

5G technology also enables companies or institutions to implement enhanced video. The enhanced video refers to a high-resolution video with lower latency. It can be used in various necessities including employers’ recruitment and marketing. With it, the range can be wider for a company to promote its brand or products.

Smarter Homes

A smart home refers to a home that is equipped with smart and sophisticated tools and appliances. Those tools and appliances are integrated into one tool only and then all of them can be used from it. This idea has been implemented since some years ago although there are only a few people who have used it. With 5G technology, it is expected that there will be more people with smart homes. Meanwhile, the home will not only be smart but also smarter with more sophisticated features to realize with the technology.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles stole attention some years ago since there is an accident case. Yes, there are indeed more preparations to have more autonomous vehicles around. One of them is the preparation of 5G technology as the more reliable network to support the future vehicle. 5G technology enables smart cars, motorcycles, and others to detect danger in better ways.

Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous Vehicles

Smarter Customers Connectivity

Technology 5G is more than just about communication. In the world of retail and marketing, it is used to support activities like bargains, payment, and more. With it, transactions are getting faster and easier with digital money that is also predicted to be more widely used in the future.

5 Most Essential Apps in a Smartwatch Making It Worthier

Smartwatches are widely available in the market and used by people. This gadget is considered simpler and more practical than a Smartphone. Sure, what you need to do are wearing it on your wrist and doing activities. 5 Most Essential Apps in a Smartwatch Making It Worthier

For the increase in its popularity, it is reasonable if many companies compete to provide smartwatch products. Many big brands like Sony, Samsung, Apple, LG, and others also try to bring the most innovative features. Some features are even considered very essential in a smartwatch. What are they?

Activity Tracker

A smartwatch device is equipped with a sensor that can read users’ activities. They are starting from counting steps while walking to the monitor feature when the user is sleeping. It is really important mainly if you want to know how well your body is. the calories that have been burnt can also be calculated well with it. Some latest features even enable you to monitor your blood pressure and sugar blood.

Most Essential Apps
Most Essential Apps  Activity Tracker

GPS Feature

Just like the Smartphone, the latest design of the smartwatch now has been equipped by the GPS feature that supports the map app. It helps the users more when they want to look for a certain location. When they activate it, other users can also detect where they are more easily.

Personal Assistant

A smartwatch is also equipped with a feature of a personal assistant. The feature is supported by voice detection, make the product can respond to when you make a command. Interestingly, the smartwatch can be connected to other devices. Moreover, it is when your home has been categorized as a smart home. Commanding other tools and appliances are getting easier via your smartwatch.

Finding Your Lost Smartphone

Have you ever experienced when your Smartphone is lost? Well, maybe, it is only about you who are forgotten where to put them for the last time. Finding your phone is getting easier nowadays using a smartwatch. Commonly, the smartwatch is connected to the Smartphone. This way, receiving calls and reading emails can be done directly by watching your wrist.

Finding Your Lost Smartphone
Finding Your Lost Smartphone

Reading Emails

Yes, it has been mentioned in the previous point. You can receive email using your smartwatch. There are still some other activities including receiving messages and calls. However, current products still don’t enable you to reply to all of them. But sure, it can really happen in the future when  technology has been more modern. Your smartwatch can even be installed by other various apps including those for chatting and gaming.

The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020

The latest smartphone products have applied to many kinds of sophisticated technology to support their performance. You can mention them easily. They are starting from the HD camera, streaming video, various unique apps, and many more.  The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020

But as you know, the development of technology is never stopped. In the future, it is predicted that there will be more and more innovation applied widely in Smartphones. What are they? Some of them are explained below.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR works just like human senses. They are functioned to support your vision and hearing by using sensory inputs produced by computers like sound, video, graphic, and GPS data. AR is very good at providing much information for users. It is by combining computer data to real life.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality  The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020

There is actually a good example of AR; it is GPS. It is functioned to facilitate locations and this feature is predicted to be developed much more in the future. Another example is a popular game, Pokemon Go. This way, you are searching Pokemons around you based on what displays on the Smartphone screen.

In-Built Projector

There is an In-Built projector developed by some companies. The technology enables the Smartphone to display projector directly from the Smartphone’s screen. Then, you can watch your favorite movie more clearly with a size of around 12 inches and HD quality.

In-Built Projector
In-Built Projector  The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020

Folded Screen

Before the hype of Smartphone, there are indeed some types of phone cellular’s that can be folded. But sure, it is the body that is folded, not the screen. It looks like the idea is widely developed by many Smartphone producers. Yes, they compete to create their Smartphone series with a folded screen.

The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020
The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020  folded screen

The idea of a folded screen is realized for the technology of organic light-emitting diode (OLED). The technology creates a thinner screen that can be projected to two sides. OLED can display pictures or videos from both sides. It is possible also to display it only on one side while another is functioned as the control.

A Hologram Screen

After Apple came out with Retina Display, other producers are also interested to apply the 3D technology to their products. this feature enables the Smartphone to produce holographic projection. The way it works is very similar to the in-built projector mentioned above anyway.

It can be integrated well with movement elements when the users are interacting with their Smartphone. So, you can “move” or “pull” holographic items that appear in front of you.

4 Benefits of 5G Network Implementation

The telecommunication network is developed rapidly; starting from 2G, 3G, 4G, and now there is 5G. The technology of 2G itself has been developed from the end of the 90’s. It continues until technology of 4G that is widely used by most people nowadays. Meanwhile, the network of 5G technology is reported to be finished in 2020. So, what are the benefits of this latest network? Here they are.

Faster Connection

Sure, the 5G technology tends to give faster connection compared to 4G LTE. It is proven by many communication and technology companies who have been done the trials. This way, they are also ready to produce products with this technology in the future. With the technology, it is expected that problems in communication can be solved well. The information can be delivered in the real time anyways.

Benefits of 5G
Benefits of 5G faster connection

Cost Efficiency

In terms of cost, 5G is more efficient seeing from the perspective of companies, distributors, and users. Undeniably, 4G has been successful in reducing costs in various sectors that utilize the internet. Interestingly, it is claimed that 5G is even getting more affordable. Actually, this matter is reasonable enough at In the digital world, cost efficiency is in line with the connection speed. When the connection is faster, it means that the cost will be more efficient.

More Energy-Saving

Mainly when talking about the 5G application in devices like the Smartphone, the next effect is about energy. It helps you to consume more battery power compared 4G. If in the 4G Smartphone, the battery can survive in around 24 hours at most, in the 5G Smartphone, you can enjoy it up to 48 hours. But sure, it must be supported by other features in the Smartphone to make it work better.

Benefits of 5G
Benefits of 5G

More Income for Companies

For all the benefits mentioned above, it is not exaggerating if the company should be the most profitable side. Well, it is just worthy of their money and energy to spend to realize the technology of 5G. Based on some predictions from observers, a 5G is continued to be developed with the income of more than USD 12 trillion in 2035. Of course, when there are some further networks to invent like 6G and others, the income can be even more.

It is really reasonable anyway if many companies now compete to be the first to provide 5G network. There are so many benefits to gain including to improve their own income.

5 Best Smartphone Apps with Augmented Technology (AR) Technology

The Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a kind of technology that can integrate digital items to the real environment. The easiest example is GPS anyway. Using this app, the environment around can be displayed on your Smartphone. Therefore, looking for a certain place can be much easier. Sure, there are many more apps or products that implement this technology. Some of them are even considered the best apps in the Play Store and App Store. What are those apps? Below are 5 Best Smartphone Apps with Augmented Technology (AR) Technology

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is one of the oldest AR apps in PlayStore. Using this app, you can explore the universe only from your Android phone. You can just lift your Smartphone and direct it to the sky. Easily, this app will show your locations of the planets, galaxies, and other sky objects. For you lovers of films or books with outer space adventure, this app should not be missed out.

Google Sky Map
Google Sky Map Best Smartphone Apps


Ingress is one of the oldest AR games in the world of The game lets players save mankind from mysterious energy that is spreading globally. Uniquely, you can do your duty in your “real life” as the environment is simply displayed on the Smartphone screen. The players are divided into 2 groups; they are the enlightened and the resistance.

Pokemon Go

Okay, most of you must have known this game well. Or maybe, you are one of the players of Pokemon Go. This game is indeed very popular around 2 years ago. In this game, you are asked to catch Pokemons that seem to be around you. Sure, when playing this game, you need to walk or run around while watching your Smartphone screen. Of course, you must be very careful to avoid terrible things like accidents.

Google Translate

You must know that this app is able to translate almost all languages in the world. Interestingly, one of the features in Google Translate enables you to translate all the words and sentences around you only by capturing them. To support this feature, it is the AR technology that is used.

Google Translate
Google Translate  Best Smartphone Apps

Quiver 3D Coloring App

There is also a special coloring app with AR technology. It is released by Quiver in which the users can color anything around using this app. Moreover, Quiver also provides some other features including quizzes, games, and more. This game is very suitable for kids to improve their creativity. But sure, it is okay for adults to play it and have fun.

5 Great Apps to Install in Your Smartwatch

If you think that a smartwatch is only for looking cool, you are wrong anyway. There are so many great apps you can use to support your daily life. Some of them have been available in the device when you are buying it. Meanwhile, some others need to be installed first. for the apps that you need to install first, there are 5 Great Apps to Install in Your Smartwatch. Check them out.

Wear Mini Launcher

This app enables smartwatch users to swipe the edge of the device to get the list of apps you want. Swipe it one more time for other uses; call menu, setup the light, and watching the battery power. It is very simple for sure but really recommended for the user to play judi bola. Moreover, it is if you want to operate the smartwatch more practically.

Wear App Manager for Wear

The app is similar to Wear Mini Launcher. It can even be said as the premium alternative. With this app, all the apps you have installed in a smartwatch tend to be simpler to see. There are some menus available to change the layout. This app can turn the interface of your smartwatch into the more sophisticated well.

Wear App Manager
Wear App Manager  Great Apps

Find My Phone

This app can be downloaded for free. But if you want to enjoy all the features available, you must buy the premium version. This app is very beneficial for the user who has forgotten where to put his smartwatch and even your smartphone. After downloading it, you can just synchronize it to the smartphone or other devices that you want to find when they are lost.


Glympse is an app that supports your GPS. With it, you can do a positional update through GPS to let others know where your position is in real time. So, in case you must be late to the office, you don’t need to give too many explanations to your boss. You can just send your current location to make him sure that you are in trouble.


RunKeeper  Great Apps

Smartwatch is indeed mainly to track and monitor your daily activities aside from being a communication tool. You can record all activities like running and cycling. It is really accurate even to calculate your speed, acceleration, and how many calories are burnt. Well, if you are still not satisfied with it, complete your activities app with RunTastic. Although there are more features available, the user interface is less attractive than RunKeeper.

5 Recommended Cryptocurrencies in the Market Aside from Bitcoin

Nowadays, digital currency or cryptocurrency has become an alternative to do transactions. This currency is developed using the concept of cryptography. This idea is not something new. Even in World War II, cryptography is considered very secured for using a high-level safety code. 5 Recommended Cryptocurrencies in the Market Aside from Bitcoin

The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. It applies the SHA encryption system that is almost impossible to hack. Besides, it has characteristics like gold bars, making it great for investment. Sure, Bitcoin is not alone. There are some other cryptocurrencies to support your digital investment and transactions.


Ethereum is said to be the biggest competitor of Bitcoin. The digital currency is founded by Vitalik Buterin and it is firstly launched in 2014. Although it is considered new, Ethereum is always in the category of the best cryptocurrencies from year to year. Even the values of Ether are up to USD 942. It is also known as a digital currency to do the peer-to-peer payment system.

Ethereum Recommended Cryptocurrencies


The next cryptocurrency recommended for your asset is Litecoin. It is made by Charles Lee, the former employer of Google. He founded Litecoin firstly to make Bitcoin better. There are some great features in this cryptocurrency. One of them is the feature of Segregated Witness, a feature that makes the transaction to be faster at a lower cost.


Previously, Dash is namely Darkcoin. But for the needs of marketing, it is then changed into Dash. This cryptocurrency is built up using the X11 algorithm with 11 different function rounds. Using the algorithm, it is claimed that Dash can make the transaction for poker uang asli process faster. The marketing value is up to USD 110 millions. This fact makes Dash one of the best cryptocurrencies currently.


Ripple was originally developed closely by a company namely Ripple Network. The main purpose is to make the payment system easier, faster, safer, and more efficient. It is until 2013 when the company is decided to open projects under the license of ISC. Using the consensus-based algorithm, you can do the payment, exchange, and transfer in a more distributed way.

Ripple Recommended Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Hash

Bitcoin Hash is actually a part of Bitcoin that is developed starting from 2017. Although it is still new enough, Bitcoin can compete well in the market and even the reputation is almost similar to its older brother, Bitcoin. The value is also quite fantastic. Per unit of Bitcoin Hash equals USD 1,000. It is also highly recommended to use by those who are beginners in terms of cryptocurrency investments.