5G implementations

Predictions of 5G implementations in Our Daily Life

According to MIT Technology Review, 5G is the paradigm shift of technology just like people replace their typing machines with computers. The statement is not exaggerating. There are significant differences between the 4G and 5G implementations networks. The effect...

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Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone

The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020

The latest smartphone products have applied to many kinds of sophisticated technology to support their performance. You can mention them easily. They are starting from the HD camera, streaming video, various unique apps, and many more.  The Latest Technology...

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Best Smartphone Apps

5 Best Smartphone Apps with Augmented Technology (AR) Technology

The Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a kind of technology that can integrate digital items to the real environment. The easiest example is GPS anyway. Using this app, the environment around can be displayed on your Smartphone. Therefore, looking...

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5 Recommended Cryptocurrencies in the Market Aside from Bitcoin

Nowadays, digital currency or cryptocurrency has become an alternative to do transactions. This currency is developed using the concept of cryptography. This idea is not something new. Even in World War II, cryptography is considered very secured for using...

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