Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone

The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020

The latest smartphone products have applied to many kinds of sophisticated technology to support their performance. You can mention them easily. They are starting from the HD camera, streaming video, various unique apps, and many more.  The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020

But as you know, the development of technology is never stopped. In the future, it is predicted that there will be more and more innovation applied widely in Smartphones. What are they? Some of them are explained below.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR works just like human senses. They are functioned to support your vision and hearing by using sensory inputs produced by computers like sound, video, graphic, and GPS data. AR is very good at providing much information for users. It is by combining computer data to real life.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality  The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020

There is actually a good example of AR; it is GPS. It is functioned to facilitate locations and this feature is predicted to be developed much more in the future. Another example is a popular game, Pokemon Go. This way, you are searching Pokemons around you based on what displays on the Smartphone screen.

In-Built Projector

There is an In-Built projector developed by some companies. The technology enables the Smartphone to display projector directly from the Smartphone’s screen. Then, you can watch your favorite movie more clearly with a size of around 12 inches and HD quality.

In-Built Projector
In-Built Projector  The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020

Folded Screen

Before the hype of Smartphone, there are indeed some types of phone cellular’s that can be folded. But sure, it is the body that is folded, not the screen. It looks like the idea is widely developed by many Smartphone producers. Yes, they compete to create their Smartphone series with a folded screen.

The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020
The Latest Technology to Apply in Smartphone in 2020  folded screen

The idea of a folded screen is realized for the technology of organic light-emitting diode (OLED). The technology creates a thinner screen that can be projected to two sides. OLED can display pictures or videos from both sides. It is possible also to display it only on one side while another is functioned as the control.

A Hologram Screen

After Apple came out with Retina Display, other producers are also interested to apply the 3D technology to their products. this feature enables the Smartphone to produce holographic projection. The way it works is very similar to the in-built projector mentioned above anyway.

It can be integrated well with movement elements when the users are interacting with their Smartphone. So, you can “move” or “pull” holographic items that appear in front of you.

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