5 Best Smartphone Apps with Augmented Technology (AR) Technology

The Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a kind of technology that can integrate digital items to the real environment. The easiest example is GPS anyway. Using this app, the environment around can be displayed on your Smartphone. Therefore, looking for a certain place can be much easier. Sure, there are many more apps or products that implement this technology. Some of them are even considered the best apps in the Play Store and App Store. What are those apps? Below are 5 Best Smartphone Apps with Augmented Technology (AR) Technology

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is one of the oldest AR apps in PlayStore. Using this app, you can explore the universe only from your Android phone. You can just lift your Smartphone and direct it to the sky. Easily, this app will show your locations of the planets, galaxies, and other sky objects. For you lovers of films or books with outer space adventure, this app should not be missed out.

Google Sky Map
Google Sky Map Best Smartphone Apps


Ingress is one of the oldest AR games in the world of https://daduonline888.com. The game lets players save mankind from mysterious energy that is spreading globally. Uniquely, you can do your duty in your “real life” as the environment is simply displayed on the Smartphone screen. The players are divided into 2 groups; they are the enlightened and the resistance.

Pokemon Go

Okay, most of you must have known this game well. Or maybe, you are one of the players of Pokemon Go. This game is indeed very popular around 2 years ago. In this game, you are asked to catch Pokemons that seem to be around you. Sure, when playing this game, you need to walk or run around while watching your Smartphone screen. Of course, you must be very careful to avoid terrible things like accidents.

Google Translate

You must know that this app is able to translate almost all languages in the world. Interestingly, one of the features in Google Translate enables you to translate all the words and sentences around you only by capturing them. To support this feature, it is the AR technology that is used.

Google Translate
Google Translate  Best Smartphone Apps

Quiver 3D Coloring App

There is also a special coloring app with AR technology. It is released by Quiver in which the users can color anything around using this app. Moreover, Quiver also provides some other features including quizzes, games, and more. This game is very suitable for kids to improve their creativity. But sure, it is okay for adults to play it and have fun.