About 5G Technology and Its Primary Benefits

Since 2019, 5G smartphones were started to produce and they were predicted to use widely this year, in 2020. Indeed, many countries have offered the 5G connection to support those devices. But if you are still wondering, what is actually 5G or 5G technology is? The letter G here refers to the word Generation. So, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless cellular technology.

Currently, most smartphones and other devices still only support 4G technology. Well, it is although some of them claim to have 4.5G or whatever, all of them are still included in 4G. It even needs some years to implement the 5G thing. Sure, becoming the latest technology to be widely used by people, 5G offers some benefits compared with the predecessor. What are those benefits?

About 5G Technology and Its Primary Benefits
About 5G Technology and Its Primary Benefits

Of course, 5G is faster than 4G; it is even much faster. 5G technology brings you a faster internet connection up to 100 times than 4G. It is more than enough to stream video of 8K or downloads a 3D movie only in 3 seconds. The technology can work that way because the network walks in an airwave with a super-high frequency. Consequently, the speed is faster and bandwidth to carry is more.

Unfortunately, it is said that the 5G network still cannot penetrate the wall well. This is how this technology is implemented slowly in which many wireless companies need to install a thousand or even a million towers in a city. Based on this fact also, 5G technology is still said as the complement of 4G.

About 5G Technology and Its Primary Benefits
About 5G Technology and Its Primary Benefits
A Better Connection

The 5G network lessens pauses often happening between the device and the server. Current networks need some split seconds to send and receive communications between the device and network. Indeed, those split seconds are a very short period of time. But for devices that communicate actively, it may cause problems. Moreover, it is when you want to browse or download big files like virtual-reality games or HD videos.

The absence of pauses, known also as the zero latency, enables your device to process information by themselves without too much depending on the server. Not only is it about your smartphone performance but also 5G technology is precious for many sectors like health, education, robotic technology, and more.

A Better Access to Cloud

5G networks also function as a cloud server that does many computations and savings independently. It enables the technology to create its own storage as well as saving more power and space in a device.

Currently, the data center is located in only one spot or location. The farther the device from the data center, there are more times needed to access. This is how 5G technology is very beneficial for this matter. Yes, 5G networks bring the data center to be closer to the device as well as helping them to access information faster.

5 Recommended Cryptocurrencies in the Market Aside from Bitcoin

Nowadays, digital currency or cryptocurrency has become an alternative to do transactions. This currency is developed using the concept of cryptography. This idea is not something new. Even in World War II, cryptography is considered very secured for using a high-level safety code. 5 Recommended Cryptocurrencies in the Market Aside from Bitcoin

The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. It applies the SHA encryption system that is almost impossible to hack. Besides, it has characteristics like gold bars, making it great for investment. Sure, Bitcoin is not alone. There are some other cryptocurrencies to support your digital investment and transactions.


Ethereum is said to be the biggest competitor of Bitcoin. The digital currency is founded by Vitalik Buterin and it is firstly launched in 2014. Although it is considered new, Ethereum is always in the category of the best cryptocurrencies from year to year. Even the values of Ether are up to USD 942. It is also known as a digital currency to do the peer-to-peer payment system.

Ethereum Recommended Cryptocurrencies


The next cryptocurrency recommended for your asset is Litecoin. It is made by Charles Lee, the former employer of Google. He founded Litecoin firstly to make Bitcoin better. There are some great features in this cryptocurrency. One of them is the feature of Segregated Witness, a feature that makes the transaction to be faster at a lower cost.


Previously, Dash is namely Darkcoin. But for the needs of marketing, it is then changed into Dash. This cryptocurrency is built up using the X11 algorithm with 11 different function rounds. Using the algorithm, it is claimed that Dash can make the transaction for poker uang asli process faster. The marketing value is up to USD 110 millions. This fact makes Dash one of the best cryptocurrencies currently.


Ripple was originally developed closely by a company namely Ripple Network. The main purpose is to make the payment system easier, faster, safer, and more efficient. It is until 2013 when the company is decided to open projects under the license of ISC. Using the consensus-based algorithm, you can do the payment, exchange, and transfer in a more distributed way.

Ripple Recommended Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Hash

Bitcoin Hash is actually a part of Bitcoin that is developed starting from 2017. Although it is still new enough, Bitcoin can compete well in the market and even the reputation is almost similar to its older brother, Bitcoin. The value is also quite fantastic. Per unit of Bitcoin Hash equals USD 1,000. It is also highly recommended to use by those who are beginners in terms of cryptocurrency investments.