Artificial Intelligence

When we are discussing the advancement of technology, one of the most unique topics we can talk about is Artificial Intelligence. In short, AI. It is something that becomes a point of interest because they can’t be separated from our life.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
What is AI?

When people heard the word AI, the first thing that came through people’s mind was robots. Probably because of science fiction movies that talk about a legion of robots with deadly intelligence. In the movie, the robots were told as machines that are capable of exterminating the human race on earth. Because of that, the planet is doomed, and mankind is almost extinct.

So, what is AI actually? Well, it refers to intelligence simulations of human’s mind inside a machine that is programmed to think like humans and copy their acts. AI can be found in any machine or electronic that is related to the human mind.  Whatever it is through a simple command or complex.  The purpose of AI tech is for study, reasoning, and perception.

Let just say one of the examples is a photocopier. A man needs to copy 50 papers, so he input the command on the photocopier. The photocopier will do the process of copying based on what the man input. The process itself runs by AI through a simple command, which is copying 50 papers.

When the times flow during the advancement of technology, a simple artificial intelligence is considered to be outdated. Moreover, people don’t call it AI anymore. One of the examples is like a basic calculating machine. Instead of being an AI, people just consider it as a feature and a function inside a computer.

AI is growing faster because they are able to make benefits in many kinds of industries. There are many machines that are run by AI that are capable of math, linguistic, psychology, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Category of AI

Of course, AI has its categories. It differs their level based on their purpose and capabilities. Commonly, there are two categories, one is weak AI, and the other one is strong AI.

Weak AI is basically AI we usually meet. We can find them everywhere. This kind of AI can only do simple commands through the user’s input. For example, you can meet this AI in smartphones, photocopiers, computers, and any machines that we use every day.

Fun fact, Virtual assistants, such as Apple’s Siri, Windows’ Cortana, and Google‘s Alexa, are considered being weak AI. This is because they can only do simple commands through inputs.

The other one is a strong AI. It is something that you don’t meet every day. Probably you can only see them in some kind of exhibition, expo, and such. They usually belong to private corporations and governments.

Technology Trend of 2020

Technology has so much impact on our daily life. It keeps evolving and making innovation every time. People are helped a lot by the progress of technology. It influences many aspects of the industry. You won’t find any situs judi poker industry without technology. They don’t have a choice, they have to use technology because it will help them improve. Technology trends keep changing from time to time. If you want to keep up with the world, you need to find out what technology is needed in the future. It makes you able to make some innovation align with the recent technology. Here are some technology trends you should anticipate in 2020.

Technology Trend of 2020
Technology Trend of 2020
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is getting so much interest in recent years. It refers to a computer system that can imitate human intelligence and act like a human brain. It can be used to make decisions and recognize an image, pattern, or speech. Sometimes, this system can perform the task more accurately and quicker than a human being. This technology can affect our way of life, how we do our work and how we play. Nowadays, this technology can be seen in ride-sharing apps, navigation apps, smart home devices, smartphone personal assistants, streaming services, and home personal assistants. This technology will be predicted to have more usage in helping human’s daily life in the future.


5G is the fifth generation of a mobile network. It is the new generation of 4G. This new generation of the network aims to link people virtually and everything together. 5G technology has a high speed, massive network capacity, ultra-low latency and increased availability. 5G can be used to enhance massive IoT, mission-critical communications, and mobile broadband. In the future, most of all major android phones will use 5G, it has already been installed in more than 35 countries. This makes smartphone users excited this year expecting this new technology.


A cryptocurrency is a digital currency using a cryptographic system that is almost impossible to be double-spent. It can help to secure online payment which makes it useful in many industries including law and finance. This technology is believed to be able to use more than just online payment, such as crowdfunding or online voting. However, cryptocurrencies can’t be stored on database central so it can wipe out the balance and destroy hard drives. A good side of this technology ist that is it almost impossible to counterfeit the transaction history.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

These two terms almost have the same meaning but slightly different. Virtual Reality engages the user in an environment but Augment Reality improves their surrounding. This technology is used mostly for gaming or training and software simulation for a navy ship.

Technology Trend of 2020
Technology Trend of 2020

The Old Technologies Familiar in the Past, But, Nothing for Now

Before 2020 goes further, there’s nothing wrong if we are a little nostalgic with a series of old technologies that have been present in our lives, and coloring our teenage years. But over time, he was slowly forgotten until finally destroyed by time. What do you think is the best technology or electronic device in its time that has been dead in the past decade?

The Old Technologies Familiar in the Past, But, Nothing for Now
The Old Technologies Familiar in the Past, But, Nothing for Now
DVD movie

The generation born in the 80s or early 90s may be familiar with DVD movie player technology. In the past, finding a DVD seller or rental place was very easy. Now? Don’t hope anymore! DVD or Digital Versatile Disc stands or Digital Video Disc was popular in the 2000s. This DVD is a hole-shaped piece in the middle. This object is an optical storage media that is usually used to play films. To be able to watch DVDs, we usually have to buy or rent them at a rental place. DVD had accompanied the teen days in his time, before finally “closing age” because people started switching to online streaming services or to a more compact storage media, namely flash.

MP3 player

MP3 players have also become a technology that was popular in the 2000s. Generally, these objects are flat and long, like a TV remote or air conditioner, complete with its headset. But as time evolves, the media player so the song switches to applications such as Spotify or Joox. Another option that is considered more practical than an MP3 player is to use a cellphone or laptop.


BBM could be excellent among old technologies literate people, including teenagers, idnplay poker players or students. BBM is considered to have many features that were not previously owned by any chat application, such as the status update feature, changing the display picture, to the PING feature. But over time, chat technology is also growing, and not exclusive can only be accessed on one device such as BBM. Because it was considered slow to be improvised, BBM was forced to close.


Tik Tok fans might never have heard of Vine. Though Vine is a forerunner service to Tik Tok, which is currently on the rise. Like Tik Tok, Vine allows users to make short videos and popularize them. Many people have become famous for uploading creative videos on Vine. These Vine artists are the same as celebrities on Instagram, or celebrities on Twitter.

Windows phone

Not wanting to be outdone by Google who issued Android and Apple with their iPhones, Microsoft also wants to exist by launching Windows Phone. This phone is made attractive with a colorful display. However, in reality, Microsoft is not smart enough to develop this technology. Evidenced by the application that is not even perfect from the start. Finally, in January 2019, Microsoft officially stopped the Windows Phone service.


Google+ was created by Google with the aim to rival Facebook social media. Unfortunately, Google’s efforts did not bear fruit. When Facebook sped up so fast, Google+ was devoid of interest. Many people prefer Facebook or even Instagram and Snapchat for social media. Finally, in April 2019, Google+ was officially terminated.


Path, social media bearing the red logo was once popular among teenagers. The path allows users to share photos, locations, to books being read, movies that are being watched, or music that is being listened to. But unfortunately, Path has increasingly been deviated from the vision and mission of the day to provide a private platform for its users. Eventually, many turned to other social media. In 2018, Path was officially excused.

The Old Technologies Familiar in the Past, But, Nothing for Now
The Old Technologies Familiar in the Past, But, Nothing for Now

Predictions of 5G implementations in Our Daily Life

According to MIT Technology Review, 5G is the paradigm shift of technology just like people replace their typing machines with computers. The statement is not exaggerating. There are significant differences between the 4G and 5G implementations networks. The effect is not only about the process that is getting faster.

5G is a technology that is completely different. It utilizes the new radio frequency as well as the length of the wave that is getting shorter. The implementations of 5G can be more widely used in our daily life. Here are some of them.

3D Utilization

One of the implementations of 5G can be simply seen in 3D technology. Have you ever thought of presenting your jobs and tasks on the 3D or hologram screen? Sure, the materials are getting livelier and more understandable. The hologram picture or video is known to be better in creating an illustration to explain how a thing or product can work.

3D Utilization
3D Utilization

Enhanced Video

5G technology also enables companies or institutions to implement enhanced video. The enhanced video refers to a high-resolution video with lower latency. It can be used in various necessities including employers’ recruitment and marketing. With it, the range can be wider for a company to promote its brand or products.

Smarter Homes

A smart home refers to a home that is equipped with smart and sophisticated tools and appliances. Those tools and appliances are integrated into one tool only and then all of them can be used from it. This idea has been implemented since some years ago although there are only a few people who have used it. With 5G technology, it is expected that there will be more people with smart homes. Meanwhile, the home will not only be smart but also smarter with more sophisticated features to realize with the technology.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles stole attention some years ago since there is an accident case. Yes, there are indeed more preparations to have more autonomous vehicles around. One of them is the preparation of 5G technology as the more reliable network to support the future vehicle. 5G technology enables smart cars, motorcycles, and others to detect danger in better ways.

Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous Vehicles

Smarter Customers Connectivity

Technology 5G is more than just about communication. In the world of retail and marketing, it is used to support activities like bargains, payment, and more. With it, transactions are getting faster and easier with digital money that is also predicted to be more widely used in the future.

4 Benefits of 5G Network Implementation

The telecommunication network is developed rapidly; starting from 2G, 3G, 4G, and now there is 5G. The technology of 2G itself has been developed from the end of the 90’s. It continues until technology of 4G that is widely used by most people nowadays. Meanwhile, the network of 5G technology is reported to be finished in 2020. So, what are the benefits of this latest network? Here they are.

Faster Connection

Sure, the 5G technology tends to give faster connection compared to 4G LTE. It is proven by many communication and technology companies who have been done the trials. This way, they are also ready to produce products with this technology in the future. With the technology, it is expected that problems in communication can be solved well. The information can be delivered in the real time anyways.

Benefits of 5G
Benefits of 5G faster connection

Cost Efficiency

In terms of cost, 5G is more efficient seeing from the perspective of companies, distributors, and users. Undeniably, 4G has been successful in reducing costs in various sectors that utilize the internet. Interestingly, it is claimed that 5G is even getting more affordable. Actually, this matter is reasonable enough at In the digital world, cost efficiency is in line with the connection speed. When the connection is faster, it means that the cost will be more efficient.

More Energy-Saving

Mainly when talking about the 5G application in devices like the Smartphone, the next effect is about energy. It helps you to consume more battery power compared 4G. If in the 4G Smartphone, the battery can survive in around 24 hours at most, in the 5G Smartphone, you can enjoy it up to 48 hours. But sure, it must be supported by other features in the Smartphone to make it work better.

Benefits of 5G
Benefits of 5G

More Income for Companies

For all the benefits mentioned above, it is not exaggerating if the company should be the most profitable side. Well, it is just worthy of their money and energy to spend to realize the technology of 5G. Based on some predictions from observers, a 5G is continued to be developed with the income of more than USD 12 trillion in 2035. Of course, when there are some further networks to invent like 6G and others, the income can be even more.

It is really reasonable anyway if many companies now compete to be the first to provide 5G network. There are so many benefits to gain including to improve their own income.

5 Recommended Cryptocurrencies in the Market Aside from Bitcoin

Nowadays, digital currency or cryptocurrency has become an alternative to do transactions. This currency is developed using the concept of cryptography. This idea is not something new. Even in World War II, cryptography is considered very secured for using a high-level safety code. 5 Recommended Cryptocurrencies in the Market Aside from Bitcoin

The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. It applies the SHA encryption system that is almost impossible to hack. Besides, it has characteristics like gold bars, making it great for investment. Sure, Bitcoin is not alone. There are some other cryptocurrencies to support your digital investment and transactions.


Ethereum is said to be the biggest competitor of Bitcoin. The digital currency is founded by Vitalik Buterin and it is firstly launched in 2014. Although it is considered new, Ethereum is always in the category of the best cryptocurrencies from year to year. Even the values of Ether are up to USD 942. It is also known as a digital currency to do the peer-to-peer payment system.

Ethereum Recommended Cryptocurrencies


The next cryptocurrency recommended for your asset is Litecoin. It is made by Charles Lee, the former employer of Google. He founded Litecoin firstly to make Bitcoin better. There are some great features in this cryptocurrency. One of them is the feature of Segregated Witness, a feature that makes the transaction to be faster at a lower cost.


Previously, Dash is namely Darkcoin. But for the needs of marketing, it is then changed into Dash. This cryptocurrency is built up using the X11 algorithm with 11 different function rounds. Using the algorithm, it is claimed that Dash can make the transaction for poker uang asli process faster. The marketing value is up to USD 110 millions. This fact makes Dash one of the best cryptocurrencies currently.


Ripple was originally developed closely by a company namely Ripple Network. The main purpose is to make the payment system easier, faster, safer, and more efficient. It is until 2013 when the company is decided to open projects under the license of ISC. Using the consensus-based algorithm, you can do the payment, exchange, and transfer in a more distributed way.

Ripple Recommended Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Hash

Bitcoin Hash is actually a part of Bitcoin that is developed starting from 2017. Although it is still new enough, Bitcoin can compete well in the market and even the reputation is almost similar to its older brother, Bitcoin. The value is also quite fantastic. Per unit of Bitcoin Hash equals USD 1,000. It is also highly recommended to use by those who are beginners in terms of cryptocurrency investments.