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5 Most Essential Apps in a Smartwatch Making It Worthier

Smartwatches are widely available in the market and used by people. This gadget is considered simpler and more practical than a Smartphone. Sure, what you need to do are wearing it on your wrist and doing activities. 5 Most Essential Apps in a Smartwatch Making It Worthier

For the increase in its popularity, it is reasonable if many companies compete to provide smartwatch products. Many big brands like Sony, Samsung, Apple, LG, and others also try to bring the most innovative features. Some features are even considered very essential in a smartwatch. What are they?

Activity Tracker

A smartwatch device is equipped with a sensor that can read users’ activities. They are starting from counting steps while walking to the monitor feature when the user is sleeping. It is really important mainly if you want to know how well your body is. the calories that have been burnt can also be calculated well with it. Some latest features even enable you to monitor your blood pressure and sugar blood.

Most Essential Apps
Most Essential Apps  Activity Tracker

GPS Feature

Just like the Smartphone, the latest design of the smartwatch now has been equipped by the GPS feature that supports the map app. It helps the users more when they want to look for a certain location. When they activate it, other users can also detect where they are more easily.

Personal Assistant

A smartwatch is also equipped with a feature of a personal assistant. The feature is supported by voice detection, make the product can respond to when you make a command. Interestingly, the smartwatch can be connected to other devices. Moreover, it is when your home has been categorized as a smart home. Commanding other tools and appliances are getting easier via your smartwatch.

Finding Your Lost Smartphone

Have you ever experienced when your Smartphone is lost? Well, maybe, it is only about you who are forgotten where to put them for the last time. Finding your phone is getting easier nowadays using a smartwatch. Commonly, the smartwatch is connected to the Smartphone. This way, receiving calls and reading emails can be done directly by watching your wrist.

Finding Your Lost Smartphone
Finding Your Lost Smartphone

Reading Emails

Yes, it has been mentioned in the previous point. You can receive email using your smartwatch. There are still some other activities including receiving messages and calls. However, current products still don’t enable you to reply to all of them. But sure, it can really happen in the future when  technology has been more modern. Your smartwatch can even be installed by other various apps including those for chatting and gaming.

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