Artificial Intelligence

When we are discussing the advancement of technology, one of the most unique topics we can talk about is Artificial Intelligence. In short, AI. It is something that becomes a point of interest because they can’t be separated from our life.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
What is AI?

When people heard the word AI, the first thing that came through people’s mind was robots. Probably because of science fiction movies that talk about a legion of robots with deadly intelligence. In the movie, the robots were told as machines that are capable of exterminating the human race on earth. Because of that, the planet is doomed, and mankind is almost extinct.

So, what is AI actually? Well, it refers to intelligence simulations of human’s mind inside a machine that is programmed to think like humans and copy their acts. AI can be found in any machine or electronic that is related to the human mind.  Whatever it is through a simple command or complex.  The purpose of AI tech is for study, reasoning, and perception.

Let just say one of the examples is a photocopier. A man needs to copy 50 papers, so he input the command on the photocopier. The photocopier will do the process of copying based on what the man input. The process itself runs by AI through a simple command, which is copying 50 papers.

When the times flow during the advancement of technology, a simple artificial intelligence is considered to be outdated. Moreover, people don’t call it AI anymore. One of the examples is like a basic calculating machine. Instead of being an AI, people just consider it as a feature and a function inside a computer.

AI is growing faster because they are able to make benefits in many kinds of industries. There are many machines that are run by AI that are capable of math, linguistic, psychology, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Category of AI

Of course, AI has its categories. It differs their level based on their purpose and capabilities. Commonly, there are two categories, one is weak AI, and the other one is strong AI.

Weak AI is basically AI we usually meet. We can find them everywhere. This kind of AI can only do simple commands through the user’s input. For example, you can meet this AI in smartphones, photocopiers, computers, and any machines that we use every day.

Fun fact, Virtual assistants, such as Apple’s Siri, Windows’ Cortana, and Google‘s Alexa, are considered being weak AI. This is because they can only do simple commands through inputs.

The other one is a strong AI. It is something that you don’t meet every day. Probably you can only see them in some kind of exhibition, expo, and such. They usually belong to private corporations and governments.